At times it can feel like you are living in hell! 

You think to yourself “Shoot! Everybody goes through shit and they look like they are doing okay, so can I.”

You tell yourself, “Just get over it.”

You tell yourself, “I’ll deal with it later.”

You think, “I have to stay strong and look strong and put on a brave face for my kids/family/community”

When the truth is:

 -- That’s a fake smile pasted on your face

-- You secretly feel overwhelmed, discouraged and broken

-- You feel like you can’t take much more of this - the burden is getting too heavy

-- You know you would be happy if only you could stop living in hell and find your way to heaven.

Does that sound about right?

I have been in your shoes. I have felt so depressed, so distraught and so hopeless that I even tried committing suicide 4 times. So I totally understand how hard life can feel and get sometimes.

So how do you get out of hell and start living in heaven in ONE step?


It’s a small, but mighty word. Working on your mindset is the key to getting out of the hell of life. Mindset is EVERYTHING!!

Does mindset magically make everything alright? No.


++ Mindset allows you to focus on what is going well in your life and find ways to create more of that happiness.

++ Mindset helps you come up with a clear step-by-step plan to get yourself out of difficult situations

++ Mindset gives you the confidence to make the necessary (even difficult) decisions

++ Mindset helps you find peace

++ Mindset helps you find and reconnect to yourself

++ Mindset helps you to find joy in staying present in your present

++ Mindset ultimately helps you find happiness

I know, because I have been where you are. Life beat me and broke me, but by shifting and working on my mindset, I have been able to:

xx Go from divorced, lonely single mom - to happily married and in love

xx Go from evicted and homeless - to living in a home I really really  love

xx Go from miserable at a job - to creating a business that I am in love with

xx Go from suicidal - to loving and living my life to the fullest

I am NO different from you!

MINDSET is the set of wings that have the power to take you out of hell and into heaven.

More than anything else in the world, you just want to be happy. I feel ya.

So let’s start making that happen

You can try to figure it out on your own


You can let me help you get on the fast track to happiness and freedom through the Rescue Me program.

It is 12 easy-to-follow, self paced modules that cover:

- Mindfulness and staying present in the present

- Power Statements to get you fired up and keep you on track

- Finding Zen, calm and peace in even difficult situations

- A success mindset that refreshes you, boosts your confidence and gives you hope for the future

-Mental power-sanding of the walls you have built up over the years

-Create step-by-step mindset routines that actually work to get you from the hell of your current struggles to the happiness and freedom you are desperate for

- How to de-clutter and in-complicate your mind

- Strategies to finally give you true, lasting and meaningful emotional freedom

- How to harness the law of attraction as a woman of faith

You get:

-12 weeks of video trainings

-12 weeks of additional slides and training tools

-Access to the private members only FB group

-Workshop materials - worksheets, PDFs, resources etc

-Live exclusive FB Live training and Q&A sessions with me

-Unlimited in-group and email support

-To work at your own pace

- Unlimited access to course materials and updates

- A cheerleader and a raving fan of you!

All together this program is valued at $3000 but you WILL NOT be paying that.

It’s not going to be $2000 or $1000 or even $500!

The investment into the Rescue Me Program is just $297

As a bonus, when you register you will get:

(1) 60 min coaching call (in the first 30 days of the program) to get you set up for success

(1) Exclusive program only Masterclass for additional training and support no-one else gets

Incredible right?

"Jasmine - offered me a lot of insight into my business. She reminded me of the power behind sharing my own personal story with others and she was so easy going , warm and open to chat with . I would and will recommend her to everyone xx."

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