Know this: As your coach I am your biggest supporter and I am 100% committed to YOUR success! 

Being a mom is hard.

Wanting to do the right thing for my kids I stayed in destructive relationships for too long telling myself it is better for them to have their father around even if he was killing me emotionally, spiritually, financially and tried to do so physically.

I drove myself to the point of a mental breakdown because I was trying to make my home, my kids' birthday parties and my entire life Pinterest and Instagram worthy.

I registered for classes I didn't even want and ended up with student loan debt because I thought I wasn't as good enough as the more educated moms, whom to me, where better able to provide. I stressed myself out to the point of averaging 2 migraines a week in an attempt to be the 'best' mom on the block. I literally made myself sick in my pursuit for perfection.

After my 4th suicide attempt. stemming from failing at my own unrealistic standards, this is what I learned:

-- I do not mother like other mothers. I will never be on the PTA. I do not bake cookies for bake sales and my house is always a mess...but my kids are happy. They are fed and taken care of. They are given the freedom to be themselves and they love me cookies or no cookies.

-- I also learned that by hurting myself, I was hurting them. Stressing over my IG and Pinterest following, stressing myself to the point that I could not even spend time with them, hurt them more than it helped. They want a mother that is more invested in being present with them, than having an online presence.

-- I learned to put the M.E. back in mother in a way that blasted away the guilt, shame and Pinterest envy. Now I help other mama's do the same thing - find yourself again. It is all too easy to get lost in the role of being a mother and lose all sense of who you are. 

I have 3 children myself. With them in tow, I have:

- been divorced

- been an evicted, homeless single mother

- been in an abusive relationship that almost cost myself and them our lives

- had to deal with the emotional fall out, behavioral issues, play therapy and a non-verbal child with anger management issues.

I have hit rock bottom and I have bounced back, bigger, better, bolder and more badass than before. I have learned to win at life and also what it takes to help my children overcome their struggles and win at life too! Now I am here to help you do the same!

  • How amazing is it to have a champion in your corner?

  • To have someone cheering you on and genuinely excited for your successes big or small?

  • To have a “judgement free’ zone to figure yourself out and what you want most out of life? - Not just a space to talk about it, but a space to work on a real plan to achieve that!

  • Don’t you love when you are feeling down and someone steps in to help pick you up?

  • How about a reminder of just how fierce and awesome you are and that you got this?

I love the person I have become because I fought to become her!
— Kaci Diane

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