Putting the ME back in Mother is 100% doable. It can also be simple and effortless and you can do it in a way that empowers you AND empowers your child. That’s all we want as mother’s isn’t it? We want the best for our babies. We want to set them up for success. We want to give them the world.

Newsflash...YOU ARE the world to your mini.

The wealth, the happiness, the joy, the peace, the comfort you wish for them, they find in YOU. So to give them the world, you have to start by giving them the best version of you. That’s what The Me and my mini(s) program is all about. It is about reconnecting with yourself as a woman, as an individual and as a mom and lighting up the world (you) for your kids.

You are a great mom.

You have made brand new humans from scratch and kept them alive for all this time. That is no easy feat. Feeding them, clothing them, keeping a roof over their heads. You do it all for them and you make it happen. You sacrifice time, you spend money you stay up late, you use the skills you have at your disposal to do the best damn mom job you can and my hat goes off to you. These kids don’t come with a manual and yet you are figuring it out. My Mini and Me revs up the skills you already have. You know your family better than anyone else and this program allows you to use your strengths to max. You are already a great mom...this program just supercharges your greatness. You already have all the tools you need. You have already started laying a foundation to build on, all you need now are the bricks to start building. That is exactly what this program is...the bricks you need to build a legacy for yourself and your kids.

The reality of being a mother can be scary

It is nothing like they make it look in the movies. Often it is not glamorous. There is mess, chaos and disorder sometimes. There are messes and bodily fluids to clean up. There are tantrums and sass and hard days. Children are unpredictable. You watch this beautiful bundle of joy grow and you feel like you should be excited and happy and floating on air all the time when in reality sometimes you really do not like your kids. There are days when I wonder why did I have kids? There are days when I feel like the worst parent in the world. There are days I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing. On top of it all, I feel the pressure to raise my children into contributing, polite, considerate members of society. More than just keeping them alive, I worry about raising them into amazing people. I don’t want to have raised a menace or a killer or a sociopath. You are allowed to be afraid. Parenting is hard.

Me and my mini(s) gives you peace of mind.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that you are growing the skills that you need to empower yourself and empower your child to grow into a productive person in society. By developing yourself and embracing these skills, you teach your child the same. You teach your child how to act, how to react positively, how to work through and process the hard stuff. Following the program you can stop worrying that your child will be discussing you on a therapist’s couch one day. How? Simple - you have been the best version of yourself you can be. You have modeled that and you have taught that. You have given your child lifelong skills and the ability to deal. By empowering yourself to be the best person and therefore the best mom you empower your kids to be their best too.

It is hard to get parenting support and support for yourself. I hear you. I know what it’s like to feel like someone is calling me out on my parenting. It’s like “Really? Because these are MY kids. I am the one with them day in and day out. Who are you to tell me anything about raising my kids.” I have been there and it pissed me off.

This is what I realized...

It is not at all an attack on my mothering skills. It was an opportunity for me to actually look at myself as a mom and evaluate it. This is what I learned.

-- I do not mother like other mothers. I will never be on the PTA. I do not bake cookies for bake sales and my house is always a mess...but my kids are happy. They are fed and taken care of. They are given the freedom to be themselves and they love me cookies or no cookies.

-- I also learned that by being so defensive, I was missing opportunities to be better for me, but more importantly for THEM. When I let my guard down and started doing the work on me. Actually taking a look at who I was and breaking down those defenses, I became a much much better mom. In still do it my way, because they are MY kids, MY responsibility, I must do it my way, but now I could do it in a way that empowered me and empowered my kids. When I worked on becoming a better mom, I started raising better adjusted kids.

-- I learned to put the M.E. back in mother in a way that blasted away the guilt, shame and Pinterest envy.

Me and my mini(s) is about making you the awesomest you and the bestest mother. It is centered around YOU and just gives you tools, time and the confidence to mother like no other.

You are unique. You do not have to mother like all those other mothers out there.

You don’t have to be the typical , stereotypical mom you see on commercials and TV shows. Screw that mom! You are you and you are the world to your kids, so light up that world in a way that is true to you. Just because TV moms dress like this or like that doesn’t mean you have to. Just because TV moms bake cookies and read bedtime stories and give their kids a bath everyday, doesn’t mean that you have to. Just because the world of TV says this and that doesn’t mean it has to be you.

Trust me...you got this. When I stopped trying to parent like them. When I stopped trying to live up to their impossible standards. When I stopped killing myself trying to have a Pinterest perfect life, when I finally decided screw all this...I’m going to own who I am, be the best me and do it like a boss...that is the point at which I started finding my feet as a parent. That is when I started enjoying all that comes with being a mom. I started enjoying being me again and so I was able to start creating a life I enjoy too and empowering my kids to live a life they can look back on one day and think “Damn! I had the best mom ever!”

That is what Me and my mini(s) is about - empowering you to be your best you so when your children look back one day they can say, “My Mom was my world and she empowered me to conquer the world, because she empowered herself!”

If you seriously want to be the best mom you can be - this is the program for you.

If you care about raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted children - this is the program for you.

If you realize that you are your child's world and your child's first teacher - this is the program for you

If you understand that empowering yourself means empowering your kids - this is the program for you


So what is covered in the 8 week program?

Module ONE

ABC’s and 123’s - Back to basics; reconnecting with your inner badassery


Module TWO

Nixing negative Nancy - dealing with negativity and unsolicited mom advice


Module THREE

Putting your hater blockers on and momming your way


Module FOUR

Take a hike Mike - letting shame, guilt and Pinterest envy go


Module FIVE

Teeter-totter - Balancing it all; motherhood, work/business, family and friends


Module SIX

Mom magic - reconnecting with source energy and creating the kickass life you want


Module SEVEN

Mommy and Me Moments - empowering mini as you empower yourself


Module EIGHT

Getting your poop in a group - creating a mom plan that works for you and that you can stick to

So what do you get?

-- Access to an exclusive, member-only, FB group to connect with other kickass mamas

-- 1 (60 min) Zoom or Skype 1:1 coaching call each week

-- The complete manual, worksheets, cheat sheets and other course materials

-- Unlimited access to me via Email, the Voxer app and Messenger

-- A ‘I will be kickass Today” journal

-- A T-shirt (design is a surprise) in your size at the end of the program

Goodness! I almost forgot the bonuses.

Bonus One:

(2) 90 min strategy calls - one at the beginning and one at the end of the program ($600 value)


Bonus Two:

Free 12 month subscription to Mom by Design Magazine ($9.97 value)


If you seriously want to be the best mom you can be - this is the program for you.

If you care about raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted children - this is the program for you.

If you realize that you are your child's world and your child's first teacher - this is the program for you

If you understand that empowering yourself means empowering your kids - this is the program for you