Kids can develop confidence, self-esteem, emotional intelligence and the fortitude to weather life’s storms, transitions and changing situations.

You as the parent are the authority on your child and so you are a key part of the Lifesaver Jr program. You partner with Jasmine to help your kids. Lifesaver Coaching LLC gives parents the tools, tips and strategies to support their children.

Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind:

1. Your child is not broken!

Traditional therapy sends the subconscious perception that ‘something is wrong with me’ and it makes children feel like they need to be ‘fixed’. At Lifesaver Coaching LLC, we believe and start from the belief that your child is fundamentally whole. He/she is just stuck and just needs to strengthen their emotional intelligence. Your child needs some guidance but they do not need to be fixed.

2. You are the authority on your child

You are the best coach for your child. You are the most important when it comes to your child’s socialization and development. The goal at Lifesaver Coaching LLC, is to empower you to take over as your child’s coach. You know your child better than anyone. You are the one that will fight hardest for your child. There is noone on earth that wants the best for them more than you. What YOU think, do or believe will be most meaningful to your child.

3. Parenting doesn't come with a manual

Wouldn’t it be awesome if each child came with a handbook? How much easier this parenting thing would be! Unfortunately, parenting is something we have to learn. It is not a class offered in the mainstream education system unless you are taking a child development degree. Yet, parenting is so so important. For this reason, at Lifesaver Coaching LLC, we give you, the parent, some skills, strategies and tools to help with this parenting thing.

4. You are the key

You want your kids to be happy, healthy, well adjusted people living lives that light them up and fulfill them. As such, they take their cues from you. They follow your example. As your child’s role model you are the world to your kids. In order to pass on happiness, health, balance and so on, you have to possess them for yourself too. Which is why we work with the parent, as well as, the child. When you are happy, your kids are happy too. Happy parents, raise happy kids.


5. Nip it in the bud.

Small problems can grow into big problems if not handled right away. Wait and see is not always the best approach. Getting your child support and guidance early can save them from heartache, aggravation, overwhelm and difficulty as teenagers and then adults. It is easier to change any emotional difficulty your child has when caught early.

6. Your child is amazing

They possess within them everything they need to be successful, happy adults. The Lifesaver Jr program can increase your child’s success, happiness and wellbeing. You child is a unique individual. Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Each individual is different and full of beauty and potential, so the program is adjusted and tailored to YOUR child’s needs, personality and learning style.

7. Growth is fun

We let your child be a child and so we approach coaching in a fun way. Using games, crafts and practical fun activities to teach your child coping and emotional management skills. Your child is full of wonder and should be allowed to be a kid. It is very important to us then, that learning be fun and interactive.

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