You are a mom so I get it all you want is more TIME!

You are not asking for the world, just an hour or two for yourself or simply to get stuff done.

You know that you probably won’t go to the bathroom by yourself until your youngest is about 10, fine, but then can you just get 5 minutes on your own to think?

You are juggling so much - chores, work, kids, a husband. It’s give, give, give all day. You love them, you don’t mind doing for them, you just want a better way to balance it all.

You don’t want to be selfish, you are not asking to take, take, take, you just want a better way to get it all done without feeling compromised and without feeling guilty that you are not spending enough time with your kids.

Even just one single extra hour in your day will change your life. All you want is space to breathe.

Now you CAN find and create time.

The time is now because one of the most rewarding (and hardest) jobs you will ever have is being a mother to your kids.

Until you take clear action to starting being a Mama by design, you will feel compromised, less-than and super stressed out feeling like you have so much on your plate and have no way to get it all done.

Now is the time to make a commitment to yourself and to your kids to design a strategy that works for you and helps you do it all.


KNOW - When to have alone time and that you don’t have to attend to your kids 24 hours a day.

KNOW - It’s okay to take some alone time and HOW to actually start doing that

KNOW - How to stay focused on your goals (as an entrepreneur), when your “duties” (as mom) take up so much of your time and energy.

But here is the problem.

You feel guilty that you are not doing enough or you feel like you are not spending enough time with your kids

You feel like you have to be on all the time, you are the backbone of your family and you feel like breaking your back for them is just what moms do. It’s what society expects you and tells you you should do.


To be the best mom you possibly can be, it is time to stop buying into these lies and sabotaging yourself.

Let’s get honest about the things that are keeping you up at night and that are causing you all those wrinkles and gray hair.

What will other moms say if they see me parenting differently from them?

What will other moms (including my own) think if I start doing things slightly differently from the way they have always been done in the past?

How will society look at me when I am not doing what is trendy or mainstream or what society says I must be doing?

How can I be the best version of myself and trust myself to make the right decisions for myself and my kids?

2017-08-22 00.17.02.jpg

What you really need is to learn how to embrace your own identity; who you truly are as a person so you can truly shine as a mom!

With the Rediscovering:Mom Identity system in your hands, you will have everything you need to start trusting your own intuition and creating a strategy that gives you more of what you need and want - TIME!

...the best part is that you can do it WITHOUT guilt, shame or feeling like you are neglecting yourself or your kids.


This is for the busy mama with active kids that needs more TIME.

Good moms come in many different styles. You ARE a good mom.

There is no ONE way to be a good mom. Your UNIQUE STYLE is good enough.

There is no such thing as the perfect mom. And now you are ready to do whatever it takes to master ways to be a great one


Are you ready to have and create time for all the things that you need to get done?

Are you ready to empower yourself in a way that doesn’t leave your kids upset that you did not invest time in them?

Are you ready to work at your business AND at being a mom and be equally good at both?

Are you ready to stop feeling guilty for your goals and dreams and wanting to have it all?


I know you have heard it before, but it bears repeating again here - You cannot pour out of an empty cup. You are in flight so put your breathing mask on so you can help the kids you love so much!

Maybe you have been told that it is selfish to spend time on yourself. Maybe you have been taught that to be a good mother you must sacrifice yourself. Or maybe you have always thought that this is just how mothering is, that this is all mothering is about and that it just is what it is - part and parcel of being a Mama.

Well say bye-bye to those myths that are holding you back and start being the kind of mom you ACTUALLy want to be.



It’s time for the real mama’s of the world like you and I to step up and own our brilliance and take charge of our mom journey by designing it in a way that lights us up, fulfills us and empowers our littles.

Without sacrificing your values or your sanity!

Without guilt, shame or Pinterest envy!

Without neglecting or dreams, goals or the very little humans that give us the honor of being called Mama!

You are a great mom! Playing the martyr mom is played out.

You have made brand new humans from scratch and kept them alive for all this time. That is no easy feat. Feeding them, clothing them, keeping a roof over their heads. You do it all for them and you make it happen. You sacrifice time, you spend money you stay up late, you use the skills you have at your disposal to do the best damn mom job you can and my hat goes off to you. These kids don’t come with a manual and yet you are figuring it out. You know your family better than anyone else so it’s time to use your strengths to max. You are already a great it’s time to  supercharge that greatness.

Not admitting your mess is just plain dis-empowering to you and your kids.

The reality of being a mother can be scary and it is nothing like they make it look in the movies. Often it is not glamorous. There is mess, chaos and disorder sometimes. There are messes and bodily fluids to clean up. There are tantrums and sass and hard days. Children are unpredictable. There are days when I wonder why did I have kids? There are days when I feel like the worst parent in the world. There are days I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing. On top of it all, I feel the pressure to raise my children into contributing, polite, considerate members of society. You are allowed to be afraid. Parenting is hard.

It’s time to stop worrying that your child will be discussing you on a therapist’s couch one day. How? Simple - you have been the best version of yourself you can be.

Support is a strength, NOT a weakness.

It is hard to get parenting support and support for yourself. I hear you. I know what it’s like to feel like someone is calling me out on my parenting. It’s like “Really? Because these are MY kids. I am the one with them day in and day out. Who are you to tell me anything about raising my kids.” I have been there and it pissed me off.  That is why you would rather have a program like this, one that is centered around YOU and YOUR style of parenting that just gives you tools, time and the confidence to mother like no other.

You don’t have to be anything other than your best you to be the best Mom.

Your kids don’t need a perfect Mom - they just need YOU

2017-08-22 00.29.10.jpg

I invite you to explore the possibilities with me.

Imagine YOU, yes you currently hot-mess feeling mama, designing your mama journey so you are on top of your tasks and actually starting to see progress and getting things done. Finally being able to breathe and getting rid of that choking, weighed down feeling.

Imagine YOU, designing your mama journey by spending time on your kids AND time on your business and doing a kickass job at both. Checking things off your to-do list, making money in your business and also investing in your kids and seeing them light up with joy.

Imagine YOU designing your mama journey to finally be able to breathe a little and start doing things for yourself without sacrificing your kids. Taking that solo trip to the grocery store, reading more than half a page of that book or actually enjoying a HOT cup of coffee not an ice cold one you forgot on the counter.

Can you feel the weight lifting of your shoulders and a warm, content smile creeping slowly over your face...aaaaaahhhh.


It’s all there...your ideal mom life designed just the way you want it like something out of the Mama by Design Magazine. Picture perfect in all its messy imperfections and glory.


What will it take to finally have it all? This is a question I had to ask myself too.

Wanting to do the right thing for my kids I stayed in destructive relationships for too long telling myself it is better for them to have their father around even if he was killing me emotionally, spiritually, financially and tried to do so physically.

I drove myself to the point of a mental breakdown because I was trying to make my home, my kids' birthday parties and my entire life Pinterest and Instagram worthy.

I registered for classes I didn't even want and ended up with student loan debt because I thought I wasn't as good enough as the more educated moms, whom to me, were better able to provide.

I stressed myself out to the point of averaging 2 migraines a week in an attempt to be the 'best' mom on the block. I literally made myself sick in my pursuit for perfection.

After my 4th suicide attempt. stemming from failing at my own unrealistic standards, this is what I learned: I do not mother like other mothers. I will never be on the PTA. I do not bake cookies for bake sales and my house is always a mess...but my kids are happy. They are fed and taken care of. They are given the freedom to be themselves and they love me cookies or no cookies.

I also learned that by hurting myself, I was hurting them. Stressing over my IG and Pinterest following, stressing myself to the point that I could not even spend time with them, hurt them more than it helped. They want a mother that is more invested in being present with them, than having an online presence.

I learned to put the M.E. back in mother in a way that blasted away the guilt, shame and Pinterest envy. Now I help other mama's do the same thing - find yourself again. It is all too easy to get lost in the role of being a mother and lose all sense of who you are.

Rediscovering my Mom Identity was the key to changing it ALL.


Rediscovering: Mom Identity is for you if:

You want to start actually enjoying your mom journey and having the time to savour the small, miracle moments that until now you have just been to busy to see.

You want to have more time and want to stay on top of the laundry, your business and keeping your little humans alive

You want to start truly trusting your own intuition and start parenting your kids YOUR way, the way you know in your gut is best, instead of trying to do it like everyone else and feeling like a fraud.

You want to stop feeling guilty that you are not doing enough or spending enough time on the people and things that are so important to you.

You want to keep your kids of the therapist’s couch and empower them to live kickass lives of their own

What type of moms should join Rediscovering: Mom Identity?



Working a 9-5


First time moms

Multi-children moms


Let’s do this! Enroll Today!

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Part One: Discover and Uncover

  • Are you the life of the party or the fuzzy slipper home body type?
  • Are you the grounded one or are you woo-woo?
  • Are you head over heart or heart over head?
  • Are you the The Adventurous Juggler or the To-Do List Queen?
  • What interesting mash up of these make your mom identity so unique and so your own?

Part Two: Claim it and Own it

  • Strengths of your unique mom identity
  • Embracing your identity’s weaknesses and turning them into opportunities

Part Three:Live it

  • Finding YOUR ideal balance and creating a plan you can actually stick to because, well, it’s YOUR plan
  • Basking in the joys of motherhood  messy bun, bathrobe and all

Rediscovering: Mom Identity is the only program that helps you first identify your unique mom style and then actually SHOWS you step-by-step how to use that information to create time, space and design a mama blueprint tailored to you, that works!

  • You finally get the support you need.
  • No more second guessing yourself.
  • No more questioning if you are a good mom.
  • No more feeling guilty or shame over the way you mother
  • No more doing things just because other people are doing them and finally having the confidence to do it the way you know in your gut is right for you and your kids.

Let’s do this! ENROLL TODAY!

Sitting on the fence, hoping, wishing and praying will not help you make the time you so desperately want. Putting of working this or even another program to another day, a different time, will only keep you stuck in not having any time at all.

Saying yes to yourself means that right now, today, you can start adding time to your day. You can start being the person and the mama you know you are and want to be. It means taking a step in the direction of your greatness instead of shrinking away from it.

You want to give your kids the world, so realize that YOU are their world so saying yes to yourself is a big fat yes to them.

I get it. I have been where you are and even went as far as trying to end it all because I just could not carry the weight of it all any longer.

That is why I designed the Rediscovering: Mom Identity program so you can take the weight off your shoulders in less time, with less pain and in a way that boosts you up and does not tear you down.

  • Step into your role as Mama with power.
  • Design a life that empowers you and your littles
  • Blast away guilt, shame and Pinterest envy.
  • Own your mama journey for the perfectly, imperfect, beautiful mess that it is.
  • Trust yourself and your God-given intuition to confidently raise well-rounded, well adjusted kids while raising yourself the same way.
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