Rediscovering: Mom Identity

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Rediscovering Mom Identity.png

Rediscovering: Mom Identity

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We are bombrded with advice on how we should parent. There are books and classes and seminars and websites that leave you conflicted and torn and feeling like you might not be a ‘good’ mom after all.

This, is not that!


This is the truth:

-- Good moms come in many different styles.

-- There is no ONE way to be a good mom.

-- There is no such thing as the perfect mom


Kids don’t need perfect moms, they need human ones. They need flawed moms that claim their truth, turn their weaknesses into advantages and show them that though they are flawed, they can still be fabulous...just like their amazing mom!


You have the power to change the world!

For the very first part of their lives, YOU ARE your child’s world. Their little lives revolve around your orbit. Giving them the best you can give; giving them the world, means giving them the best version of yourself, flaws, inconsistencies and all. You will stay up later, get up earlier, sacrifice a career, bake cakes from scratch for the bake sale for the sake of your child. So living closer to your truth means growth for you and your babies.


Oh fellow mom, motherhood is not for the faint of heart. If it was that easy, dads would do it lol. Seriously though, at the end of this program you will:


  • Trust your own natural mom personality - amplify your strengths and up your confidence

  • Be realistic about your struggles (we all have them) and start turning them into opportunities

  • Finally let go of shame, guilt and Pinterest envy

  • Learn how to recharge, renew and love yourself using your unique personality guide

  • Understand your kids better and reduce friction, tension and conflict

  • Empower yourself and your little

  • Find balance that ACTUALLY works for your individual mom style

  • Accept yourself as a woman and also as a mom

Oh mama! It’s gonna be a beautiful few weeks as you finally see that even though motherhood is hard, you are not alone and more importantly, that you got this!