4 ways to turn your setbacks into comebacks

Today CAN be different for you. Today CAN be the beginning of a new day, a new you, a new story, a new future. Make the decision to make it different. Make a decision to change. Make a decision to take a new path.

Even when you are guilty.

Even when you have lived a life of bad choices.

Even if you have a not-so-stellar reputation.

Even if you have lived an unhealthy lifestyle.

Even if you are stuck in a dead-end job.

Even if you have made some missteps and fallen off the wagon.

It is never too late for you. Make today different. Thank God for all your setbacks, because now you can use them to make your comeback.

Here are 4 ways to do that.

1. Decide to do things differently going forward.

Where you have been does not determine where you will go. There are billionaires that started out broke, high-school dropouts. There are people that have endured abuse and are using their pain to help countless others out of that darkness. There are people that have lived through unimaginable loss who are surrounded by and loved by millions. What determines your altitude is your attitude. You have control over your thoughts and your actions. Change your mind and you can change your life. It all starts with a firm decision.

  • A firm commitment to make things different.
  • A commitment to make things better.
  • A commitment to yourself.
  • A commitment to your life.
  • A commitment to the truth that you have the power to make today different.

Ultimately, the first step starts in your mind. It starts with just a decision. That is what all the greats have in common. They made a commitment to change their circumstances and they stuck to that commitment and made it happen. Decide then take action and you can be as great as you want to be too. What one thing will you decide to do today?

2. Gratitude.

I know you hear it all the time. You hear it so often because it works! When you are making money. Be grateful. When your kids are happy, healthy and doing well at school. Be grateful. When your relationships are in order; you are loved and you are giving love, be grateful.

Here is the key: Be grateful daily and all the time.

When your finances are in a shambles and you have no idea what you are going to do, find something to be grateful for. When your partner is irritating the crap out of you and you want to give them five fingers to the throat, find something to be grateful for. When life isn't going as planned, find something to be grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for, even when shit is hitting the fan. Keep praising God for the things that ARE going right. Even as you take steps to sort out your financial situation, improve your relationship and sort out your kids - find things to be grateful for. Gratitude improves your attitude which increases your altitude. Gratitude is the attitude adjustment that opens your eyes to solutions you were blind to before.

3. Get support.

Life can be super hard when you are trying to do it all on your own. Let people in. Be careful who you let in of course, you want people that will uplift and support you. Find someone to confide in. Find someone to help share the load. Get a second pair of eyes on the situation. They may see things that you can't see. Or they may come up with a solution to your situation that you had not even thought of. Support is important. Support is key. Find a friend or family member that can support you as you do things differently, as you make the changes you committed to. If you are looking for a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to think through, talk through and work through your decision to make today different, I am always here. That's what I do. Help, encourage, support and partner with you to make today different. I have made the exact same decisions in my own life.

  • I decided to get healthy and lost over 100lbs.
  • I decided I was tired of being broke so I went out and worked 3 jobs.
  • I decided my children and I would never be homeless again and I took steps to make it happen.
  • I decided to work on myself and ready myself for a husband and when the time was right, he showed up.
  • I decided to stop popping pills and drinking uncontrollably and cleaned up my act.

All this to say that I know the power of decision. I know what it takes to make a decision and then take the action necessary to make it happen. When you partner with me, you are partnering with someone that doesn't just talk the talk, I walk the walk and live it too!

4. Your history does not determine your destiny.

Your past is exactly that...your past, so leave it there. To make today different you need to realize that your past has nothing to do with where you are going. You can make the decision today to change your path. You can set your life on a different trajectory. Your past has happened, there is no need to dwell on it. Learn the lessons from your past and use them to propel you into the future. Need to know how? Get the Let the BS of the past go self paced course.

You have infinite potential to create whatever future you want. Make today different. Make your future different. It is never too late to start again. It is never too late to create the future that you want. You have all you need within you to create the life you want. You just have to reconnect with that inner badassery and use it. That's why I am here. I spark your genius, help you tap into your creativity and make today different. Things will never be one hundred percent perfect and that's okay. When times get though, when bad reports come flooding in, when shit happens and things get in the way, take comfort in knowing that you can always, at anytime make the decision to start again.

Start over. Have a re-do and make today different.

You got this!

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