Shut the hell up!


It is so loud in here. This place. This world is so full of noise.

  • Noise from yourself.
  • Noise from family and friends.
  • Noise from the media.
  • Noise from social media.

It really is a wonder that we can get anything done. We work with the TV, the laptop and the phone going at the same time. You talk on the phone while you drive. You blast the radio, music or a podcast when you take a shower. You Facetime and Snapchat when you go to drop a deuce.

It is loud, loud, loud. Noise. Noise. Noise. ALL. THE. TIME


What you need to do is tell it all to just SHUT UP for a second!

Give yourself a moment to breathe. Give yourself a moment to figure out yourself. Stop long enough to figure out who the hell you are. You are running around creating posts, figuring out blog posts, scheduling client calls, cleaning the house, doing laundry, being a good friend, pigging out on junk food, fitting in a Netflix and chill session all while trying to fit in a burpee, a plank and a pushup all before lunch!!!

What in the what is going on with you? You just need a freaking moment where no one is saying mom' where no calls need to be made' where nothing needs to be done.

Breathe. Disconnect for a second. Let the world be still. Let yourself get quiet for a hot second. Just STOP. Breathe. Step away from the noise. Center yourself. Refocus yourself. Concentrate on you. For 5-10 minutes turn it all off. Sit in a comfortable position and do nothing but listen to the sound of your breathing.

Do nothing but feel the breath moving through your body.

Do nothing but be aware of the stillness.

Be aware of the silence.

Be aware of the quiet.


….Just be….


Close your eyes. Yes, I mean now, as you read this post

Close your eyes

Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose

Take a slow, breath out through your mouth


Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose

Take a slow, breath out through your mouth

That’s what concentration feels like. Do more of it.

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