Electrician VS Plumber

So I have to ask...if you had a problem with the electric main of your house you wouldn't call a plumber to fix it right? At best he would give you a temporary fix and you will just have to spend more time and more money to fix it. at worst, it could be a big fat disaster and your house could explode into a glorious ball of fire and you lose everything you have worked so hard for!!

Neither scenario is any good!

You should have just hired an electrician on the first place right? So since we can agree that hiring a plumber to do an electricians job is absurd, I have to ask...why hire a business coach to do life work?

Your thoughts, your actions- those are all based on LIFE experiences.

Your fears and beliefs are all rooted in things that have happened in your LIFE.

Your determination, your drive, your dreams - those are all based on the events, people and places in your LIFE.

Your business is a part of your life and as such it is affected by the things going on in your life. If you fear someone seeing your content coz Miss Jackson in the 4th grade said your story was dumb - you need to fix that on a life level so you can be confident when writing and posting content.

If you are afraid of using FB live because Sam in high school said your teeth were crooked and you sounded like a bird - you need to fix that on a life level so you can make kickass business videos and FB Live with the best of them.

If you fear the haters coz the mean girls in college wrote mean, hurtful things on your FB wall or on the bathroom stall (🙋🏾) - you need to fix that on a life level so that you can put your hater blockers on and rock your business.

So I ask you again, why would you hire a plumber to do an electricians job?

Hiring the right person for the job can be the difference between your house going up in flames and you having safe, reliable service. BOTH specialists are necessary and both are certified in their fields of expertise and there will most definitely need a plumber to clear that clog in the drain or that darn tap that just won't stop dripping (do not call an electrician for these jobs lol) It is about picking the right specialist for the job. Realizing you might actually have an electrical (life) problem you need to fix first? Would you rather your house didn't burst into a ball of flames?