S.O.S Help! I'm a female entrepreneaur.

Is it just me or is working and growing your business at the same time as running your life hard AF. It feels like the harder you try the more you fail in one area or another. It is difficult and frustrating and downright annoying. I know it is not for lack of trying. I was in every single entrepreneurial group. Signing up for every freebie and webinar and training that was being offered. I took part in every challenge, listened to every FB live, everything! All in an attempt  to get a grip on my business.


I saw you nod. You too?

I am so guilty of this. I chased every shiny object in sight. I tried to like, comment, follow and complete every free training I could, even if it was lame and I hated it.

I spent hours listening to webinars that taught me nothing.

I wrote down goals of working with 7 figure coaches I did not resonate with or even like very much.

I sacrificed time with my husband and kids to waste on social media. Trying to figure out the ‘it crowd’ and be a part of it.

I studied other coaches FB posts and tried to write like them, tried to speak my truth in their voice and was upset and dejected at the fact that I couldn’t hear my own voice in my words.

I felt like a complete and total fake and fraud. Quite simply because I was just that. Have you been there too? I (and you) just had to stop. Stop chasing ‘them’.

Stop trying to be ‘them’.

Stop trying to sound like ‘them’

Stop trying to hang with ‘them’.



Just be YOU!

It is not always easy. Trust me I know that gnawing need to chase that damn shiny object.

I know the struggle is real and I know that you are doing it because you want to grow your business. You even want to grow it for noble reasons:

  • You want to put money away in savings because life happens and you want to be prepared. You want to put your kids through college and give them the best life you can.
  • You want to take them on the vacation of their lives to Disney.
  • You are tired of worrying about bills.
  • You just want freedom - freedom of time, finances and to contribute something.
  • You want your life to have meaning and purpose.
  • You want life to make sense.
  • You want the life of your dreams.   

Did you notice something...you are doing all this business stuff because you want to create an awesome LIFE!!  

You are working long days and long nights because you want a kickass LIFE.

You are wasting time of people and things that irritate the shit outta you because you are committed to creating the LIFE of your dreams.

You are signing up for trainings and freebies because you want to create freedom in your LIFE.

You are listening to and following the advice of your business coach and mentors because you want their expertise to help you live the LIFE you are desperate for.  

Do you see what I am saying here? You need to realize, just as I did, that in order to FINALLY start seeing results you need to stop chasing the wrong things. You are focused on building a LIFE so what you need is coaching for your life as an entrepreneur.  Not more and more freebies and more and more webinars and more and more and more and more shiny objects. For some relief head on over to The Lifeboat FB group. You need some rescue and relief from these damn shiny objects!

Stop feeling like a failure, because you are not!!  You are just focused on the wrong aspect of your business. You are forgetting that your business is only a PART of your life and a tool to create the most bomb ass life of your dreams. So take the scales off your eyes and finally open your eyes to see that you are chasing business solutions to a life issues.   Ahhhhhh….refreshing isn’t it. It took a weight off my shoulders, because this realization meant that I could actually start making those 5 and 6 and 7 figure dreams a reality because to create a kickass life...I had to work on my life.  It’s time to work on your life mama, so you can finally, finally, finally stop feeling so overwhelmed and “less than them” and start being YOU and actually start making progress towards your dreams.

We need to chat. Go ahead and schedule a free call so we can get your LIFE where you desperately need it to be.