Get your shit together! [3 Easy ways]

Alright badass mama, it's time to get your poop in a group! It's not always fun and parts of it may not be pretty, but it is necessary and only raises your standing on the badass bar. Before you look at me sideways, I know I know, you are running a business or working full time and on top of that you have a partner and family to think of and yada yada yada...good for you. Now that we have established that you have a life, let's go about the business of getting it in order shall we?

Great. We will start with you first. This is YOUR life and as such you are a major player in it so we have to start there.

I have to admit that this was my biggest struggle for the longest time. I always felt like focusing on myself was somehow selfish and I would feel guilty. Guilty that I wasn't that mom that cooked dinner every night. Guilty that I was that wife that wasn't always in the mood. Guilty that I wasn't a PTA mom, that sometimes I would rather not go to my kids concert, that I was not a volunteer mom and that I sometimes picked my kid up in my sweatpants, oversized sweater and I had forgotten to brush my teeth.

Here is the thing - Badasses are true to themselves. You say what you mean and mean what you say. You do not compromise yourself and you do not waste time on things that don't serve you. Not because you are a bitch or a horrible person, but because you are an honest person that gives a fuck about the things that really matter and you don't give any F’s for pettiness and things that don't matter.

So, Number 1 - Make list of your priorities (the things you give effs about).

Once you have written it down, read it over. If there are things on your list that are only there because you think they must be there or you feel guilty if they are not then circle them.

Really evaluate them. In the big scheme of your life do those things actually serve you. How would your life be different if you chose not to give a crap about them? If they are causing you stress and not adding anything of value to your life. Cross them out, you don't need time wasters and life-drainers on your list so get rid of them. Just purge them from you list without prejudice.

Number 2 - Miss me (yourself) with that petty BS.

For real girl! Wasting so much time on pettiness is making you miserable. Ask yourself, at the end of the day does this thing even matter? In 5 minutes or 5 days will this even be on my radar? When I walk out this store will that snooty cashier mean anything to me? Will having to walk into the bank to get money because the ATM is down change anything? Will not volunteering to be the crossing guard matter at your child's graduation?  Will missing an episode of your latest favorite show cause the earth to implode? Dang girl just catch the replay or revisit the episode on Netflix or Hulu. The internets got you! Stop sweating the small stuff. Okay, so you didn't like a post on FB or you missed your friends latest cat pic on Instagram or a Snap is about to expire...SO WHAT??? None of that stuff means anything in the bigger scheme of things.

Instead, number 3, get your relationships in order.

Prioritize the people that matter to you. Put your damn phone down and actually spend time with your kids. Miss that episode of The Real Housewives of wherever and go on a date with your man. Don't just like or double tap on your friends cat picture...actually message her or call her and have an actual conversation. Who cares if you are 20lbs from your goal weight, put that lingerie on and put it on your man tonight. Stop sweating the petty shit!

Start living for you. Start prioritizing you. Give as many effs about yourself as you do to the Kim K and Taylor Swifts of this world. You matter damnit! I want you to start living like it!!

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