Your life sucks! #SuckageIsReal

Very simply put - your life sucks.

It is full of ups and downs. It's full of pain and struggle and hardship. It is full of a million and one things that annoy the crap out of you. The weather sucks from time to time. It is never hot enough or cold enough or moderate enough for everyone. Your job is a drag. Your business isn't doing as well as you want. Your kids while cute and precious can also be quite annoying and cause you to think things like “this is why animals eat their young”.

Life is full of suckage. Truth.

And that is where the suckage begins and ends. You have to own the fact that reality exists and that life is not all roses. Own that things fall apart. Own that pain and loss are a part of life. Own that nothing will ever be perfect. Accept that this is okay!

We are always chasing perfection and this ultimate idea of success. Nothing wrong with that, but in this day and age of #FirstWorldProblems we think and feel that life should NOT suck. We feel like things should flow easily and that if we work hard enough at it that life should be a dream. We measure our lives according to the highlight reel of ‘perfect’ moments we see on social media only a million times a day! This leaves us feeling angry about the times we get angry. We feel shame for feeling ashamed. We are embarrassed for being embarrassed. We are guilty about feeling guilty. Ugh! How maddening!

This is why it is important to own that your life sucks...and that's okay!

Pain and suffering are inevitable so why do we work so hard at blocking them or pushing them away. Just own it and run with it.

When negativity surfaces in your emotions, stop ✋, acknowledge the feeling, feel it and move on. Denial or indifference will not serve you and more importantly, it won't change anything. So just accept the suckage. Own your emotions. Grab them by the balls and take control of them. Be constructive and assertive in the way you handle your emotions - it's called maturity- Adulting 101.

Maturity doesn't mean that all is well, it means that you have come to a point where you accept that suckage is a part of life. You understand that you will be angry, embarrassed, overwhelmed, guilty, ashamed and everything in between, from time to time.

It means that you own and understand that pain and loss and grief and suffering are part and parcel of life. FOR ALL OF US. You are not special in terms of the fact that we all have suckage in our lives. The levels and degrees may vary, but no one has all their poop in a group.

The broke worry about getting money, while the rich obsess about saving it and protecting it - we all have money issues

Women with small boobs want to be more endowed while those with big boobs struggle to find a bra and contemplate breast reductions - we all have boob problems

Women that want children worry about having them while they are healthy adults, women with children worry about losing them and raising them into healthy adults- we all have kid problems

Those that aren't having sex or want more sex worry about getting it, those getting tons of sex worry about maintaining their sexy, wish they had less or worry if they are whoring around - we all have sex problems

Some skinny women wish they could gain weight, while some overweight women go to great lengths to lose the weight - we all have weight problems

My point is this, we all have problems. We all struggle. We all have pain. Life sucks for all of us in varying degrees, times and levels.

The best way to make your life suck less is to embrace the things that suck and handle them. Take them in stride. Work through and deal with the negative thoughts and emotions as and when they come up. Understand that there is no need to constantly prove yourself. Life will never be perfect.

So strive for the best, not the perfect. Be your best and live your best life despite, through and with the suckage. Declutter and conquer the daily dose of suckage that comes your way and use it to propel you forward. Embrace it, deal with it and use it to make yourself better than you were yesterday. Not perfect...just better.

It's called maturity and maturity is something we can all learn and can all develop. Maturity is badassery. It is owning the truth, finding power in it and using that power to create a kickass life that while full of suckage is also full of awesomeness!

So get in touch with and conquer your suckage. Take the quick 5 day Badassery challenge. Tap into your inner badass and deal with suckage like a boss! 

Everyone has an in we badass! You included. You just need to reconnect with her and rock the heck outta your life. You want to live by own rules, not giving in to the BS and free of restraint! Ahhhh.

Well, it is 100% doable.  Anyone can learn to be a badass. You were born with your own internal Sasha Fierce we just have to unleash it!

  • Badasses don't give a damn. Not because they don't care about people and things, but because they don't waste time on the petty things that don't matter

  • Badasses get what they want

  • Badasses don't tolerate BS

  • They are fearless. They take risks, live on the edge and live life to the fullest always

Also share share share this blog. Suckage is a real problem and we all need a life line.