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If your baby slept through the night from day one, if you didn’t have to feel like a sleep deprived zombie, if you were able to get a workout, a shower and a nap in while your baby slept and every moment of motherhood has been filled with pure joy.

Then praise God for that awesomeness and you don't have to keep on reading.

If your toddler does not challenge your authority, if you have never had to chase a child in Walmart, if they have never refused to take a nap or spat carrot puree at you then consider yourself special.

Just carry on with your day, there is nothing more for you to see here.

If your older, school aged kids have never said something slick, tested your patience, begged for (or snuck behind your back) some candy, that is awesome! If you enjoy the stomach flu, bodily fluids, getting homework assignments done and signing permission slips, great.

No need to keep on reading.

If your teenage children catching an attitude and rolling their eyes at you and wearing that outfit that you forbade them from wearing, doesn’t faze you. Then you have found the holy grail of motherhood and you can stop scrolling right now.

For the rest of you, that like me, are frustrated, tired, lost moms of newborns, toddlers, school-aged kids and teenagers, who do not have our poop in a group and you are ready to start getting real with yourself, then I am the coach for you. 

You are in the right place.


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I know, from personal and professional experience, that real lasting transformation requires more than just reading another self-help book or attending another seminar. It takes real support. Someone to come alongside you, to partner with you as work towards your breakthrough!

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As a parent this breaks your heart. Knowing that your child is struggling is difficult. Ask any parent, and I am sure you can agree, the 2 most important things that we want for our kids are: Happiness and Confidence. You want to give your kids the ability to manage life’s difficulties.

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